Frequently asked questions

Enjoy a personalized car buying experience with Option 1 Auto.

Why use Option One?

We save you the time and frustration of going to the dealer and trying to negotiate with salespeople. We guarantee to get the best possible lease or purchase price every time with any make or model.

Will using Option One have any negative effect on my warranty?

Absolutely not, your warranty will be honored at any authorized dealer and covered under manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

Can you help me with my current trade or sale?

Yes! We have a team of outside wholesalers waiting to beat any dealer’s written offer.

Is there any extra fees going through Option One?

No, we get paid by the dealer as an outside sales person.

Do I qualify for factory or financial institution incentives through Option One?

Absolutely ! We honor all factory incentives weather by the financial institution or factory. We match every dealer incentive given in writing to the customer.

Can you help me with my lease return?

Yes, we gladly accept all our clients lease returns. Ask your associate how we can help.

What Do I Save by using Option One?

Option One saves you time, stress and money. We assist you with information and education in the ever-changing auto market. We are committed to assisting you with information so that you can make an informed decision.

What About Financing?

If you already have a relationship with a bank or credit union, you may wish to speak with them to be approved for your auto loan. You may also use the dealerships financing. Option One will insure that you are getting the best interest rate no matter which you decide to use for your financing needs. We have formed relationships with Banks, Finance Companies and Credit Unions that may assist you should you have some credit issues to overcome. We will do our best to accommodate each individual situation with the best finance rates available.

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